Class Descriptions

Intro to Pilates

Are you curious about Pilates?  This free class is a great opportunity to learn about the studio and meet the instructor.  You will have an opportunity to experience some of the various exercise movements and learn about the principles that make Pilates a unique form of mind-body exercise.

Foundational Flow

This class is ideal for those who are new to Pilates and are looking to gain familiarity with the flow of movements, as well as the terminology associated with using the equipment.  Clients will get exposure to the Reformer, Exo Chair and Mat, as well as various other pieces of Pilates equipment.  This class is also suited for those recovering from injury who are looking to safely modify their movements in a group exercise environment.

Intermediate Flow

This class builds on the foundational Pilates movements with increasing complexity and challenge.  Flow of class is at a moderate tempo with progressions interspersed within the various exercises.  Clients should be familiar with the Pilates equipment and movement concepts in order to have the best experience.

Advanced Flow

This class builds on the principles learned in both the foundational and intermediate programming.  This class introduces more advanced exercises at a faster pace.  Clients will be challenged by dynamic movements requiring greater coordination and body awareness.  Clients should have previous experience with the Pilates equipment and various movement progressions in order to have the best experience.

Circuit Flow

This fast paced class combines the principles of Pilates movement with a circuit style routine.  Clients are taught a series of various movements utilizing the Pilates equipment at the onset of class followed by rotating through the exercises at a flowing pace.

Flexibility Flow​

This gentle class is focused on breathwork and mobilizing movements.  Pilates equipment and Trigger Point tools are utilized to aid clients in lengthening movements to promote increased flexibility and blood flow.  This class is suited for all levels of experience.