Pilates Flow at Home

Welcome to the Pilates Flow at Home Series!  When you can’t make it to the studio, take advantage of some of these short workouts at home.

Bridging Progression

Follow along with this bridging series to improve flexibility and strength of your hip flexors and hip extensors.

Scooter and Reverse Lunge with Banding

Work on these mat adaptations of the reformer exercises: scooter and reverse lunging.  Banding provides additional challenge.

Quadruped Hands and Knees Progression

Hands and knees exercises are beneficial for building abdominal and back stabilizer strength.  Add resistance band to increase the challenge of this progression.

Lower Abs Progression with Ball

Use a small ball to increase your challenge and body awareness during this series of lower abdominal exercises.

Seated Abdominals with Ball

This seated series can be done on the floor or on the edge of a chair.  A small ball adds increased challenge to your stability and also improves form awareness.

Shoulder Progression with Tubing

Anchor resistance tubing or banding in your doorframe at elbow height for this shoulder stability series.  Exercises can be performed seated, kneeling or standing.

Foam Roller Abs

Add challenge to your abdominal exercises with the use of a foam roller.

Side Kneeling Series

Try this series to strengthen your obliques and outer glutes.

Bridges with Foam Roller

Bridge on a foam roller to further challenge your stability and the work of your hamstrings and glutes.